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Sewing: Maternity Raglan Circle Tee


YUP! Another baby bump!

We’re so thrilled to announce that we will be welcoming Esplin #3 into the world the beginning of October. The news wasn’t completely real until I heard the heartbeat last week (at 14 weeks!). That first listen to the heartbeat gets me so choked up every time.


All the discomfort and nausea is for something. Although, I must confess this time around has been much easier than with Felix or Penelope. As long as I’m consuming a steady stream of soda water, gummy bears and pot stickers; I seem to be just fine. It’s mostly been my energy and focus levels. They’ve been at an all-time low lately. I’ve been working on clearing my plate of extra work, slowly but surely that’s happening (as you can tell with the lack of posts here).


Penelope is thrilled with the news. She’s hoping for a girl. And secretly, we all are. We only have a girl name and girl clothes! Felix destroyed all of his clothes, so we’d have to start completely from scratch if we had a boy. I don’t know why, but my heart has been set on a girl from the beginning. We’re happy with a baby, boy or girl. But I still want a girl. ;)


I’m about 15 weeks along and quickly starting to show. I’m at this awkward point where I still fit in my old clothes, but I feel like if I wear anything too form-fitting; I’ll look like I ate a giant burrito, not pregnant. That’s pretty much what I’m thinking all the time. Can we blame those crazy thoughts on hormones?


Besides that, I’ve been thinking and sewing up various pieces that I feel may be versatile during and after pregnancy. I don’t want pieces that make me look like a giant tent; but things that I can wear alone, with a belt or a blazer and feel perfectly comfortable in my own skin.


Inspired by this look, I used the base of Hey June’s Raglan tee, did a little slash and spread (I use the same technique in the maxi wrap tutorial) and lengthened the hemline by about 7-8 inches and created a slight high-low curve to the base.


The funny thing about this fabric is that it seems to stretch vertically as the day wears on. I steamed the shirt not long after and instantly added 4 inches to the hemline! Strange, right? I’m thinking this hemline will work for now, but I won’t know for sure until after I have washed and dried the garment for the first time. I’m tempted to keep the longer hemline because my belly is only going to grow 10 fold, too.


Adjusting the pattern of this top took about 20 minutes and sewing up the top took just under an hour. I used a slightly different method for hemming the sleeve and neckline. instead of sewing the bands with folded side out, I sewed them with the raw edges out. So the top is finished with all raw edges, but it looks more finished than if I had just left it as is. Given the pattern on the shirt, this detail is incredibly subtle, not something that the camera could pick up really well.


I’ve got Penelope to thank for pictures today. She was such a doll, beaming with excitement to help me in the studio. It’s fun to have my own little assistant in-house!

Outfit details:

  • glasses: c/o (use code SAC1PE6T for 25% off)
  • necklace: c/o Cambria Cove
  • earrings: etsy
  • bracelet: THP Shop
  • skinnies: Forever 21
  • shoes: Forever 21

Style: Refashioned Reversible Top


I’m so excited to see how my reversible maternity top in action! Isn’t Krista an adorable pregnant girl?

See more details of her outfit and the fit on Krista’s blog, Lazy Saturdays. This refashioning swap was loads of fun, and I’m so excited to see how everything fits. Below is the schedule for these posts:

Refashion: Reversible Maternity Top


Several months ago, I was asked to see if I was interested in participating in a refashion swap between 10 bloggers. There was no question if I was game or not. OF COURSE I’m game! The idea being that we all took a button up shirt and refashioned something for someone else with it. Here’s my shirt before. It was one of Chris’s old shirts, too small for him now, but I was too nostalgic about it to let go of it. It was one of the shirts he wore often when we were only dating!

I was assigned to sew something for Krista of Lazy Saturdays. She’s currently 30 weeks along, so I wanted to make something maternity-friendly. Then I got to thinking, why not make it both maternity and post-partum friendly?

After seeing a really cool mom at the park, sporting a rad top with a cape-like top (the very top that inspired Penelope’s refashioned top), a lightbulb struck. It looks cool with the extra fabric in back, but that extra fabric would be useful in the front for a pregnant gal.

The maternity side is color blocked in front and longer in front to accomodate a growing belly.

The nursing side has a flat front and flowy back, perfect for hiding bulges. The button-front allow for easy nursing access.

I’m pretty excited about this top, I sure hope it fits Krista! Be sure to check out the other participating bloggers’ projects:

Grainline Studio • Lazy Saturdays • Cotton & Curls • Megan Nielsen Designs • One Little Minute • MadMim • See Kate Sew • A Fashionable Stitch • Adventures in Dressmaking

More after the jump on how to make this reversible top.


Cheater, Cheater


It’s been a good year since I last fit into my favorite skinnies, but I’m getting SO CLOSE! Here are the facts: I can put them on, but I can’t button them up without a seriously uncomfortable muffin top. That’s not putting me down, though. I just remedied that.

With two minutes, my sewing machine & 3 1/2 inches of bias tape, I can wear my skinnies again. They just button in a different loop. I was getting really annoyed with scouring the house for a sturdy-enough rubber band or dealing with the muffin top that I did this.

Just take 3-4 inches of bias tape (1/2 inch, double fold) & sew a loop onto the edge of your waistband, adjacent to the button hole. You’ll want to pin the same side of each end onto the denim so it creates the kind of loop pictured above. Sew & wear! Time yourself. I betcha you can do this in less than 1 minute.

NMO – TODAY’s the day!!


  • cardigan: DownEast Basics, $15
  • top: DownEast Basics, $3
  • belt: thrifted, $1
  • leggings: Walmart, $5
  • moccasins: thrifted, $4

TOTAL:  $28

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