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The Pressure of Expressing Thanks


Since before the arrival of Miss Juniper, we’ve had so many friends, family members and neighbors lend a helping hand for our little family. It’s been a real blessing to have such great support. A considerable amount of it is from the great support network of my church. It’s incredible. I couldn’t imagine welcoming a new baby without that.


With all of the help, I’ve tried so hard to stay on top of all of the ‘Thank You’s. It’s hard sometimes! Why would a self-proclaimed calligrapher have a hard time doing that? I tell you why –

For some reason, I put pressure on myself that if I don’t bust out the calligraphy pens or if I (heaven forbid) use a thank you that someone else designed the sentiment is cheapened. It’s like I’m cheating or trying passing off someone else’s work as my own if I use a store-bought card. Also if I use the same card twice.


I’m not trying to complain. These thoughts are completely ridiculous, if you ask me. But no less real. Does anyone else suffer from the same psychosis?

I have found a solution to help me send those much-deserved ‘Thank You’s:

  • Always have a variety of colored envelopes and blank flat cards on-hand so I can mix and match as I choose.
  • Always have a stockpile of stamps (which reminds me, I need to order more!)
  • Keep a list of owed ‘Thank You’s at my desk so when I have a spare moment for practice work, I can work through the list.

I didn’t implement these things until about July of this year. And I’m still working out the kinks in the process. If I were smarter, I would have a pile of hand-lettered cards like you see above already completed. All I’d have to do is write a note on the back. Maybe I’ll get on that bandwagon in the next few months. Change happens so slowly around my neck of the woods. :)

So how do you make sure those ‘Thank You’s get out?

Return Address Stamp for Writing Pen Pals


For nearly a year now I’ve meant to make a return address stamp for our address! We’re SO permanent now, so why the delay?


I made the stamp in a mono-line so it would coordinate better with my various styles of addressing. Chris says that it’s girly, but it’s not nearly as girly as most of my lettering styles.

I wish I could show you the whole address, the numbers and letters do fun things together with little flourished details. You’ll just have to give me an excuse to send you something in the mail if you really want to see the whole thing.


I write to 4 pen pals these days. It’s so much fun to get fun mail each week and to get to know someone in a neighboring state or half way around the world. I love writing pen pals!


Pauline is one of my pen pals, isn’t that a fun letter? I was just over the moon to get this in the mail.

I Still Love Calligraphy Feature


I am so proud of what my calligraphy students have been doing since taking my workshop. It just fills me with so much joy to see people get that fire and love for lettering and run with it! Today I thought I’d share with you a few projects from previous students.


Did I tell you how proud of these women I am??


Alice now does custom family plaques for people. You can see them all on her instagram. I love the round shape!


Emily was using her awesome handwriting to address envelopes before. Now she’s adding more panache with the thicks and thins of the pointed pen. See her work here.


Katherine made a logo for her best friend. I love the meandering, organic line.


Lindsay penned her save the date, just 10 days into taking my course!! I’m floored, I love this so.

I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular thing. If you’ve taken my online (or live) course and you’d like to share a project that you’re particularly proud of, email me using the contact form above. I would LOVE to see! If you’re on instagram, be sure to follow/use the hash tag #istilllovecalligraphy.


Design: Wedding Invitations


My cousin just got married. I’m so excited for her!

I don’t do wedding invitations as part of a business, but I sure do love designing them for family and friends.

They wanted something simple, but with little touches of fanciness. I kept the invite themselves very traditional with a little touch of hand lettering with their names. The fact that the printers were all gawking over the “font” really boosted my ego. Made my week.

They have a rustic theme going on, so ripped edges would’ve been cool, but the thought of hand-ripping 450 invitations plus inserts made our heads spin. Instead they tied the invites together with brown and yellow baker’s twine and sent them in brown envelopes.

This takes me back to my wedding. I sure did love my wedding, even though Pinterest wasn’t a thing back then. Now that I think about it, I probably would’ve been even more stressed as a bride because I would’ve wanted to DIY everything. I’ve never really shared details of my wedding before. . . It was rad.

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