Calligraphy: Micro Letters From the Tooth Fairy

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Penelope started losing her teeth recently. The first tooth she lost caught us off-guard and unprepared. So we totally botched that one. And THEN the ‘Tooth Fairy’ totally fell asleep when the second one fell ...

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    1. Sharon Wright says:

      How cute is that!! What a sweet tooth fairy too!! lol

    We Bought A Photobooth


    It’s like one of those things that you say that elicits a cocked head and a, “What?”. Like we bought a zoo or something. Except infinitely sillier and minus the animal poop. In October of ...

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    1. Celeste says:

      That’s awesome, Melissa! Congratulations on another business endeavor.

      Would love to see a pulled-back photo of the booth in action.

    2. Katie says:

      This sounds fun!

      And your family pic is great. Just commenting on this, because I know it’s a compliment my husband loves, but Chris is looking fit – his face is way chiseled.

    Sewing Style: Holiday Plaid

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    I’ve been dying to get my hands on some plaid lately. It’s been huge since last year and I’ve loved the come-back. I’m not sure it ever really went out of style, but I’m glad ...

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    1. phil says:

      gorgeous and looks very comfy !!!

    Sponsored: Symbols of Christmas Printable Book


    Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to think that all of you are Christians or even like religion. If you are a Christian, you might really enjoy this post and sharing this printable with friends and family. ...

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    1. Katie says:

      I love this Melissa! Must make some!

    2. Pamela Susan says:

      So lovely and generous of you! Thank you! xo

    3. Penny Doty says:

      I am Christian and have always celebrated Christmas on the . have read several different bibles, but this year I read Jeremiah 10;3-6 and this has bothered me really bad, its funny how you can read something and not get it, but read it again and it jumps right off the page at you. please share your thoughts on this. thank you and GOD bless.

    4. Kati says:

      Melissa your work is beautiful! I’m planning on printing one for use as a keepsake in my family. Thank you!

      Penny, I think Jeremiah 10:3-6 is describing the creation of a wooden idol. The key here is the idolatry part – praying, worshipping, etc, something that isn’t God. Have a wonderful Christmas knowing that your Christmas tree is a decoration, part of a season that celebrates Christ, and that you don’t worship the tree.

      Merry Christmas!

      • Penny Doty says:

        Thank you so very much for easing my mind some, you have a wonderful Christmas and I hope it is extra special for helping a dying mother be able to enjoy maybe the last Christmas with her family, but it all is up to GOD’S timing . GOD bless you always my sister in Christ.

    5. Kristie says:

      Thanks for putting this out here! This the perfect thing to remember the season. I am thinking I might put some together thru this next year so they are ready to give for next Christmas!

    6. Virginia says:

      THIS IS AWESOME… thank you so much for sharing this!

    7. Kristin H says:

      Absolutely wonderful! I adore the calligraphy art work. What a perfect reminder of what Christmas is truly about. I’ll have to put these together for a quick sibling gift, for Dave’s family.

    8. […] Sponsored: Symbols of Christmas Printable Book – 2 freebie(s) […]

    9. Sylvia says:

      You continue to amaze me. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us. :)

    Sewing Style: Comfort and Joy


    Since having June over 2 1/2 months ago, I’ve been obsessing¬†over the joggers and over-sized sweaters. Part of it is because the 90s is in full swing and I’m embracing it whole-heartedly and the other ...
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    1. Kristin H says:

      So cute! I love the look of joggers, but my hubby thinks they are a style abomination. I think it’s because he spends every day in sweats, working people out in their sweats :)

    2. Maddie says:

      You don’t look like you’re wearing pajamas in these, nor do you look tired. Great job, Melissa!

    3. phil says:

      super cool !!!

    4. Julia says:

      Having a new baby is definitely a sacrifice of all your will. Even your sleep. I’m glad you’er finding time for sewing, even if it’s sporadically. I love your symbols book, too! I’m going to have to make one. You are gifted.

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