All You Need for Christmas is Calligraphy


Holy crow!! Christmas is basically upon us. I feel like it’s tomorrow. And it will be here before I know it. I haven’t put up a tree or started looking around for gifts. Honestly, all ...

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    1. Brenda says:

      The code CYBER has already expired?

    Calligraphy: Handmade Wedding Invitations


    Check it out! I made it on Oh So Beautiful Paper! Stretching my limitations and challenging my capacity is one way to describe this wedding suite. I usually calligraph and PRINT wedding invitations. This one was all hand ...

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    How to Make A Stamp With Silhouette Mint


    CHECK OUT my instagram for details on how to win your very own Mint™ machine! I’ve had my Silhouette Mint for a little bit now and I’m crazy in love with how quickly and accurately ...

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    1. Ginger says:

      I adore this post! Can’t wait to get one of my own!!

    2. Emily says:

      This is amazing! It is much easier than Lino cutting stamps!

    3. Abby says:

      Ahhh! Life-changing! I want to try this so badly now!

    4. Chiara says:

      This looks incredible! :D Would love one!!!

    5. Betsy says:

      That looks so easy!

    6. Armi Simundac says:

      This is so brilliant! I just love stamps and this is like a breakthrough in personalizing your own stamps. Making it more detailed creates a sophisticated style!

    7. LoveleighInspirations says:

      Your designs are amazing! I would LOVE a Silhouette Mint! You’re an inspiration

    8. Joyce Luga says:

      This is AMAZING ! It’s a dream come true to make your stamps this easy.

    9. Erica says:

      This looks amazing! I’d love to be able to make stamps out of my calligraphy!

    10. Tam says:

      Such an awesome piece of equipment, thanks for sharing the development process when using it!

    11. Marley says:

      Silhouette products are incredible and so versatile! I love this post. Added to my wish list!

    12. Joyce K says:

      This is amazing! Can’t imagine i can make my own stamp myself at home or anywhere.

    13. Kathi says:

      How amazing!

    14. Jessica V says:

      This looks way too much fun!! Definitely going on my Christmas list if I don’t win the giveaway 😍😍😍

    15. Sarawrvee_ink says:

      Omg this is so beautiful!!!

    16. Faith says:

      This is amazing. In definitely crossing my fingers for this giveaway. :)

    17. Liz E. says:

      Forget my Portrait! I’m feeling major Mint envy. I must make some stamps!

    18. This is amazing!

      Dear Santa,
      One Silhouette Mint please 😊

      xx Katie

    19. Emily Wertheim says:

      I would love to have the Silhouette Mint to take my new business to the next level! Thanks for the stamp tutorial video! :)

    20. Kristin H says:

      You are amazing and I love your manicure! My mom just bought a Mint and she keeps sending me images of her new stamps – makes me so jealous. ;) I’d love to have the ability to stamp my own work and not be constrained by the hideous options at certain craft stores.

    21. This would be so fun to have, I always appreciate a product review- thank you!

    22. Teri says:

      I want one so bad!!

    23. Haley says:

      Cool! I would love to win this!

    24. Allison says:

      I never knew this existed, I want one!!!

    25. Melissa Jeanne says:

      Love this!! What a beautiful design! Thanks for sharing the super helpful video!

    26. Colleen says:

      SO EXCITED TO WIN THIS! I hope I can have this bad boy!

    27. Susan P says:

      The Mint looks amazing! I would love to win one! I can think of all kinds of designs I would like to make into a stamp.:)

    28. meaghancamille says:

      Love this! I’ve always wanted one of these!! 😊

    29. Anna K says:

      This is such a neat little device! I’m in love!!

    30. Kate Fugate says:

      This is amazing! I love where technology is taking us!

    31. Dani says:

      I was suddenly obsessed with planning these days and this one is the best equipment that a planner addict could have! Its easy and amazing. Its true that good things comes in small packages. This so cool. :) I would love to have one! :D

    32. HeatherC. says:

      That’s so much easier than I thought it would be! So cool!

    33. Anna says:

      I love making stamps! I think it will be a great tool! Thanks for holding the giveaway.

    34. Jou says:

      I love making stamps and I think this will be a great tool! Thanks for the giveaway

    35. Faith says:

      Omgoodness… this is awesome! I would love one. *fingerstoeslegseyescrossed!!!*

    36. tree_hugger9 says:

      That.s fantastic, i would love to have one!

    37. Arianna Barbara says:

      Oh wow!!!!! I would love to own one! It’s fantastic! Thank you for this amazing giveaway. CAN I ASK YOU IF THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN WORLDWIDE? I hope! I live in Italy. Ciao ciao

    38. alana says:

      Love the idea of making your own stamps.

    39. Holly Zeiner says:

      Wow! This is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    40. Renee rasmussen says:

      This looks awesome! I was playing around with the discount code and it didn’t work? I’m not sure if I did something wrong.
      Thanks for the contest!

    41. Sarawrvee_ink says:

      ah-mazing!!! tgis is a starionary nerda dream!

    42. Carrie says:

      So awesome and seems so simple! My 6 year old daughter said, “wow! When can we make one of those?!”

    43. Amy says:

      I’ve been salivating over this gizmo! Endless fun I bet.

    44. Jenn says:

      Great tutorial! I would love to get one of my own!

    45. Aimee says:

      Oh there are so many tho ha k can think of I would want to make right away!!!

    46. Kat says:

      This looks so wonderful and simple!

    47. Miesha says:

      This is so cute. I would have never thought to purchase a tool like this.

    48. Ann Bentley says:

      What a wonderful way to make stamps!

    49. Tsze says:

      Thank you so much for showing us how to create awesome custom stamps AND having this giveaway! Those look really good :)

    Printable: 2015 Thank You Cards


    I’m so excited about this year’s Thank You Printable. Or should I say PrintableS, because I’ve teamed up with the fabulous Natalie Malan. We were in the same vender area at Pinners Conference two weeks ago ...

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    1. Kristie says:

      This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your talents!

    2. Marilyn Stirrett says:

      Thanks. Will make good use of the thank you card.

    3. melynda says:

      I am in love yet again. I send these to Every teacher in my kids’ school each year after Christmas. Some day I would like to make them my self… I am teaching myself calligraphy, but until I can do it I have your beautiful talent! (and that of your friends)Thank you for sharing it each year

    TUTORIAL: DIY Ink/Paint Holder


    I made this and shot pictures like 2-3 years ago. I just discovered it while cleaning up images on my desktop (which is a hot mess) and figured I would share. I’m sure it’s been ...

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