Sponsored: Nesting with The Honest Company


This post is sponsored by the Honest Company. They’re a fabulous resource for safer home products such as cleaning supplies, personal care and baby essentials. They’ll even deliver all that awesomeness to your doorstep through ...

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    1. Kristin H says:

      Ah, me, too! I haaaate, nay, loathe cleaning floors, the kitchen and yard work. Bathrooms are so much easier! I don’t turn around and find yet another weed to pull, spoon to wash, or another room to mop. So infuriating to leave any job half done. I’ve been curious about the Honest cleaner. I’ve used other more natural cleaners, but the cleaning power never seemed to be worth the $$.

    2. Lauren says:

      Love the Honest company! I’ve loved their products, especially the diapers and hand sanitizer. We are also in the process of reworking our bathroom while waiting for a big bathroom reno. Looks great!

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    Sewing: Maternity and Beyond Silk Kimono


    When in LA earlier this summer, I found the most gorgeous silk print for $5 a yard. I snatched up two yards for the sole purpose to make a kimono out of it. After seeing ...

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    1. maddie says:

      At 39 weeks Melissa, you look amazing!

    2. Sara says:

      That silk print is AMAZING! Such a beautiful Kimono. I wish it wasn’t so incredibly fall here because I definitely missed the summer kimono train… ah well, guess there’s always next year!

    3. Jen says:

      This is by far, my favorite project of yours…like, ridiculously amazing. You are gorgeous, and you did an amazing job constructing this kimono!

    4. Polly says:

      I LOVE this! Looks so comfortable! Perfect for 39 weeks:)!

    Style: Raglan Maternity Top


    My midwife says that I could go into labor at any time. I’m thrilled with this news as we’ve experienced a little heat wave in our neck of the woods lately. As I keep mentioning, ...

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    1. kristin says:

      oooo how exciting! i’ll be watching your instagram like a hawk from here on out. you look adorable; this will be a great postpartum nursing tunic too.

    2. Could you be any more adorable while also growing a human being inside of you?! Love, love, love those leggings! Congrats on the sweet baby — praying for a quick & easy labor with a healthy baby delivered soon! xoxo

    Foodie: Liege Waffles and Peach Preserves


    Sometime in 2009 I was introduced to the Liege Waffle. Transformative is the only way I could describe this experience. I’ve always enjoyed waffles, but this was unlike anything I had ever had in my ...

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    1. Kristin H says:

      My hubby has done the same since January. His mission suit is now too big! So not fair, but he is working out more than me and well, men just have it easier. But I will have to find a copy of that book. We are always looking for ways to keep him full. Protein bars are so expensive and taste so… protein-y. Have you noticed Chris’ body temp being higher now that he’s excersizing a lot? I swear Dave is always hot now that his metabolism is in over drive. These waffles look heavenly, btw, and I totally get your dough issues. I can not, for the life of me, get dough! Let’s not even mention my bazillion failed attempts at homemade gf dough…

      • Melissa says:

        Way to go hubby! I feel like Chris is a furnace, but then again, I think anything over 70 degrees is blazing hot right now. :)

        I bet GF dough is SO HARD to get right! Most grocery store brands don’t get it right, either.

    2. Joy says:

      Proud to be from Belgium! :-)

      • Sabine says:

        I was hit by the same sentiment ;-)
        But to stay on topic: we have a similar situation here! By husband lost about 20 pounds and they stay off. He is vigilant about his morning exercise and now he’s even started running?!? How do they do it?

        Meanwhile, Melissa… you should not feel guilty about gaining some weight at this time: you have the very best excuse in the world! Good luck with those last few weeks… and then to see your feet again – haaah, relief :-)

    3. I can’t wait to try this! I just read about Liege waffles earlier today. Must be a sign! I’m so excited you shared the Feed Zone Portables cookbook. I was just thinking about how all my cooking is focused on healthy portable meals. Cause when I have to eat, get out of the way. ;) Making sure i have a good meal portioned out makes a huge difference and allows me to focus on my job or skating/hiking or sewing or art. Thank you very much. I’m also beginning to share recipes myself. Though I mainly experiment and rarely follow a recipe. :) Merci!

    Maternity Style: Making Do + Last-Minute Additions


    I grossly under-estimated how large my belly would get at the beginning of this pregnancy. In fact, the only shirts that fit me now length-wise are Chris’s shirts, and a couple of printed shirts I ...

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    1. Heidi Lassila says:

      You look amazing Melissa! Hang in there, only a few more weeks!

    2. You look fantastic! I did the same thing with my last pregnancy regarding the belly. I ended up having to get pretty creative with shirts at the end, and my baby (at least a week early) was 9 lbs 5 oz’s!! Eek!

      • Melissa says:

        Seriously? Big baby! That’s amazing. Glad to hear I’m not the only one getting creative with shirts. It’s kind of frustrating to wear the same thing every day.

    3. Joanne B. says:

      Hello Melissa,
      I came across your blog when I was thinking about trying calligraphy again ( after 35 years) and made your blog a favorite. I am a v e r y slow starter and one of these days I will think even more about actually picking up a pen. But I follow you daily and just wanted to tell you this- not only is your calligraphy beautiful, so are you! You look so beautiful in all your pregnant glory! I just wanted to wish you even more blessings than you already are bestowed with! Not only does your artful handwriting reflect what is in your being, your pregnancy reflects that as well! Wishing you only good things!

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