Sewing: Penelope’s Bridesmaid Dress


Instead of buying a dress, I figured I would make Penelope a dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding. I was already making my own, so I added hers to the docket as well. It was an ...

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    1. Alysa says:

      She’s so hip! You’re my sewing hero!

    2. phil says:

      very cool !!!!!!!

    3. Heidi Lassila says:

      The drop-waist is adorable!

    4. Melinda says:

      What kind of ink/paint did you use for the printing? Is there a tutorial you could direct me to for that? I love the look of the printed fabric next to the plain, great idea.

      It’s a gorgeous dress and I love yours as well. :-)

    Handmade: Letterpress Business Cards + Motivators


    I had the opportunity to participate in this year’s summer Alt Summit, and boy did it sneak up on me! I barely had the chance to recover from January’s conference. I wanted to do something ...

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    1. Amy W says:

      Just adored those cards. Thinking about framing mine!

    2. Danielle W says:

      Very beautiful! Just curious if you made your own plates through Lifestyle crafts for your L Letterpress? I have one and am considering this for my wedding invites! :)

      • Melissa says:

        Yes! I went through them to create the plates. I think there are other places you can get plates made that should work with the L, but not sure of links or how they compare. Hope that helps!

    3. I am unfamiliar with this machine and the plates it uses, but typically when letterpress printing and the ink is too loose (runny), I have added magnesium to crisp up the letters. You might try that too.

      Baby oil can also helps loosen the ink when cleaning the press. It makes it a much easier process.

    4. Bettina says:

      You have your own letterpressing machine? Those things are huge and high maintenance!

    Maternity Style: My Mom-iform


    This post is sponsored by White Plum. Find all sorts of great fashion items for the every day woman at a fabulous price. Use discount code¬†MELISSA20 for 20% off your entire purchase until 7/7/14.¬† I’m ...

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    1. Karin says:

      You look great. I love the colour of the top on you. Very elegant!

    2. Liesel says:

      I have eyed that pattern before! Love the mint! You probably sew everything you wear (!) But I picked up some basic tees in tall from, and they’re perfect for the end of pregnancy! Plus, I still wear them…a little more tunic-ish now, though.

      • Melissa says:

        Sometimes it makes more sense to buy the basics than to sew them. I’ll definitely be on the look out for those tall tees from Old Navy! Those sound perfect.

    3. Heidi Lassila says:

      The is such a lovely color. I’m with you on the staining though–I can’t seem to keep any light-colored maternity tops stain-free for an entire pregnancy! :)

    4. Nora says:

      Here is a great maternity brand for stretchy basics to go with you throughout the pregnancy and even after!

      I love these because they can easily be cycled into your wardrobe.

    DIY and Printable: Fabric Painting with Words


    Tune into KSL’s Studio 5 today to watch a fun and easy project for all ages. The ’90s are back in full swing. Remember the hand-painted tees you could buy at mall kiosks back in ...

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    1. Clara says:

      I’m not sure what happened, but the last few posts’ pictures are stretched really long, I thought you might like to know.

      • Melissa says:

        That’s strange. I wonder if it’s something with the browser. The images look fine on my end. I’ll have to look on another platform to see if there’s an issue elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. marissa says:

      LOVE this!

    Maternity: Yellow Bridesmaid Dress


    Speaking of Eric and Margaret’s wedding, the girls were asked to wear yellow. Before searching online for maternity options, I knew I needed to make my dress. Afterall, chances are really slim that I’d be ...

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    1. melanie says:

      You look gorgeous lady :) I can’t help but to remember that less than a year ago one of my bridesmaid was in your situation, and it was a yellow dress too! (if you’re curious you can see pics of her over here:

    2. Kristin H says:

      Hello beautiful! Love the entire thing ensemble. Pregnancy looks good on you.

      I seriously covet Miriam’s talent with flowers and carving. So reminiscent of the Mackintosh/macdonald flowers in Miss Cranstons tea rooms. And that hair cut of hers? She the cat’s meow.

    3. Jan says:

      Cute dress :) Fun and affordable fashion is sparse for us pregos. Congrats on the forthcoming wee one! I am like a week ahead of you so keep posting maternity clothes lol. I need some sewing inspiration!

    4. Miranda says:

      You’re such a gorgeous mama!!

    5. Mim says:

      Oh my, this is dress turned out so great, and the whole ensemble is killer, love those shoes especially. You are WORKING this pregnancy, positively, all your outfit posts have been gorgeous. Xo, thanks for your sweet words!

    6. kristin says:

      you are such an adorable preggo and this dress looks so comfy and cute! mim sure is a genius with her stamps, isn’t she?

    7. phil says:

      very nice . i like the plain yellow shoulder detail .
      and those glasses ……. they have a lot of ” caractere ” !!!!!

    8. Bethany says:

      Melissa, you look gorgeous, pregnant and not pregnant. I so love your dress and the stamping you added to it. Miss you my friend!

    9. Gah so cute. I can’t convince you to do a house tour, can I? :-)

    10. Alysa says:

      Love that you and P have similar dresses! Any chance you made fun yellow bow ties for Felix and your husband for the wedding?

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