Hawaii Brush Calligraphy Workshop


I’ll be in Hawaii in two weeks for business (business? it’s Hawaii!). I was invited to go for a product launch, so when I asked Chris if it would be cool if I left him ...

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    Food Ruts | Cooking Asparagus


    I get in food ruts often. I’ll find a technique or dish I love and wear it out in a way. Lately I’ve been in a real veggie rut. Sick of some of the veggie ...

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    1. phil says:

      Beautiful !!
      this tablecloth is very ” Provence ” :-)
      go for the garden , home grown veggies taste so much better … ahh and i ll take a mousse too … ;-)

    Freebie: Inspirational Quotes


    Back in January, I had the joy to design a little print series for Bing for their lounge at Alt Summit. They wanted inspirational quotes to support the concept of their cloud-based services. I made a ...

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    1. Michelle says:

      These are just beautiful!

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    3. Nancy says:

      So so pretty! Thank you for beautifying my desktop!

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    Style: Easy-going Palazzo Pants


    These last few months have included a lot of fun travel. I’m getting worn out, but I’m also meeting so many fabulous people and having a wonderful time seeing new places. All photos by Brandi ...

    ©Brandi Gard | Melissa Esplin
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    1. Judy Meagher says:

      ADORABLE! You really could be a model–so very very pretty! Wishing you a wonderful time in Nashville. Sometime I hope you will do a workshop here in Memphis, just down the road! :)

    2. Lauren says:

      I love the change of scenery for your photo! Gorgeous. Cute pants, and your hair is fab. :)

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    4. Sarah Helene says:

      FAB outfit including self-sewn pants! The blues print you selected is “spot on”! Photo shoot looks professional with you modeling & accessories show off the pants! THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

    Sewing: Easter Dresses for the Girls


    Easter came and went so fast. I can’t believe it’s been over a week since that glorious day. We kept festivities simple with new Sunday Best and a basket of candy for each kid (minus J ...

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    1. Kathy Doherty says:

      What a beautiful family! You are truly blessed!

    2. Kati says:

      I have decided I’m going to start making my kiddos some clothes. It just doesn’t feel right donating all these lovely things that have been gifted to me or my kids – I want to repurpose them. I think I’m going to try to make a dress for my three year old our of a dress shirt. Wish me luck…

      Oh and Penelope and Felix are like little Christophers and Juniper looks JUST LIKE YOU! They are all so beautiful. :-)

    3. These are adorable! When I have kids, I definitely want to sew little outfits like these!

      Jennifer Ashley

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