Sponsored Style: Sweater Tunic with Indiesew


This post is sponsored by Indiesew. Get bundles of PDF patterns from your favorite independent apparel pattern makers at a discount! Find patterns, browse projects made by community members and beef up your sewing skills ...

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    1. Erin says:

      I love how this turned out! It looks amazing!

    2. Rachel says:

      Deadwood makes these amazing leather jackets out of vintage leather. I got it in brown and I’m in love with it!


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    DIY: Love Letters, 3 Ways


    This week has just zoomed by so fast. We’ve been struck down with Rotavirus and RSV. The ultimate double-whammy for winter illness, if you ask me. on Wednesday, I was on Studio 5 sharing 3 ...

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    Meet Me in Tennessee


    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at INSPIRED 2015 Presented by Amber Housley in April. I’ll be talking about the effectiveness of a landing page (what one really is), and why creative business owners need ...

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    Sponsored: Learning How to Contain Calligraphy


    This post is brought to you by The Container Store. It’s like meth. Or what I would assume meth would be like because I can’t seem to get enough. Now that we have a store ...

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    1. Maddie says:

      Would love to see some Madalynne sewing prints on your wall! : )


    2. AmyNicole says:

      Love it all. Container Store is a mad obsession for me so I totally relate. Your space is lovely…and where did you get that wonderful black lined legal pad? I must have one!!!! :)

    3. Lady ID says:

      What tablet do you use?

    4. Kristin H says:

      It’s so lovely! I had heard so much about the Container Store, that when I finally had a chance to check on out, I was… disappointed. My cheapskate heart couldn’t imagine spending all that $$ on storage. I think it’s because my mom would (and still does) buy an over abundance of Rubbermaid stuff each time she went to the store. No joke! I’ve spent most of my life rolling my eyes over how much she’s spent on plastic boxes. But when my parents moved to Utah and she donated a bunch of her cast offs to me, I began to understand the madness. Being able to see everything at a glance? To have the mess contained in perfectly identical boxes? Bliss.

      Yeesh, sorry for the novel/ story telling! :)

      • Melissa says:

        I love the novel! I’ve always been enamored at having everything so uniformly put away. Everything having a place. We never had a container store growing up and we always had such a wide variety of containers that never seemed to match or hold everything. It’s awesome to find a place that feeds into that OCD fantasy of mine!

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    Every Time I Practice. . .

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    Only 2 spots left for The Little Retreats by Jane Calligraphy workshop in Orem! February 11, 2015. See event listing for more details. We’ll have an evening of amazing food, craftiness and best of all Calligraphy! This ...

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    1. Stacia says:

      Your work is always so beautiful!

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