Local Calligraphy Workshops Coming Soon!


Hey y’all! I’ve been partying it up in the sort-of sunny Las Vegas this weekend with fellow calligraphers. It’s been a blast learning new techniques on gilding, style and color. I’ll be teaching this week ...

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    Sewing Style: Hawaiian Print Scout Tee Dress


    Last night I had a neighborhood meet-up of the artists in the area. I love our neighborhood. There are a surprising amount of creatives and artists. Many of them are young kids. It’s a thrill ...

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    1. Penny Doty says:

      Please tell her she did a beautiful job on her dress, and let her know not to stop there, please tell her to keep sewing, and thank you for taking time with the young and letting them spread there wings. Beautiful job for both of you.

    2. Katie says:

      Very creative and cool. I love the sleeves and split hem!

    3. JEn says:

      So so cool!! Also love the colorblocked sleeve, mistakes can work out so well sometimes!

    4. Jen says:

      How cute! I was wondering about a past post. I was trying to download the Easter print from last year and it keeps bringing up an error. Is that no longer available?

    Foodie: Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

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    Before I go into specifics, I just have to say, I hate the color of my walls. They’ve been slowly driving me more and more bonkers the longer I’ve lived here. In photographs the walls ...

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    1. Megan says:

      I feel the same way about my wall color, but I’m renting so it isn’t really worth changing.

      These look awesome and I totally need to get some pearl sugar to attempt liege waffles, since our local waffle shop closed. Thanks for the extra incentive!

    The Purrfect Valentine


    Penelope found my Paper Source catalog last month and basically flipped out when she saw the front cover featuring these little Kitten and Puppy Valentines. It didn’t look like they had pockets, so I thought it ...

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    1. Marrianne says:

      Cute Valentines, Melissa! What nib did you use for the Purrfect Valentines? Such nice bold strokes and then fine hairlines! I want to try it out!

    Sponsored Style: Sweater Tunic with Indiesew


    This post is sponsored by Indiesew. Get bundles of PDF patterns from your favorite independent apparel pattern makers at a discount! Find patterns, browse projects made by community members and beef up your sewing skills ...

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    1. Erin says:

      I love how this turned out! It looks amazing!

    2. Rachel says:

      Deadwood makes these amazing leather jackets out of vintage leather. I got it in brown and I’m in love with it!


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