Sponsored: Penelopes Studio Revisited


This post is sponsored by Sprout furniture for kids. This flat-pack, eco-friendly furniture is easy to assemble and transport. The friction fit makes for a sturdy piece that will last for hours and hours of ...

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    1. […] Sponsored: Penelopes Studio Revisited – 1 freebie(s)? […]

    2. phil says:

      beautiful place

    3. I love that toolbox for portable supplies!

    The Ultimate Calligraphy Gift Guide

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    As Christmas is fast approaching (it’s likely too late for this guide, but I don’t care – I want to put this together anyway), I thought I would post the ultimate gift guide for calligraphers, ...

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    1. Holly says:

      Melissa, you are so thoughtful to include me on your list of artists. Thank you! I hope you and your sweet family enjoy the Christmas season. xo, Holly

    Sponsored: 6+ Ways to Address an Envelope


    This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. They provide excellent quality printing and amazing printing options to make your holiday cards stand out this year. I’ve got 6+ easy ways to embellish your envelopes this ...

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    1. Beware: the 3D letters may increase the price of shipping.
      I never thought of using Washi tape on envelopes before, and am super-psyched to try it out. Yay!

    2. Kristin H says:

      Brilliant! Per usual :) now to get my cards together…

    3. […] Sponsored: 6+ Ways to Address an Envelope – 1 freebie(s)? […]

    4. Kate says:

      Do you ever have issues with mailing restrictions with calligraphy? I am always worried if I make it swirly or shaped they may return to sender.

    5. Pamela Susan says:

      You are so cool!!!! Such fun ideas!

    Very Thanksgiving Giveaway


    I hope y’all are having a fabulous Thanksgiving! There are so many things I’m thankful for. I would be writing it all down for the rest of my life, the list is so long. To ...

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    1. jagadeesh says:

      Happy Birthday

    2. jagadeesh says:

      Hey Teja & Akki What’s up!!

    Sponsored: DIY Elastic Banded Receiving Blanket


    This post is sponsored by Lily Jade. Their bags are fabulously fashionable and oh-so-amazingly practical. With their one-of-a-kind inserts, there’s a pocket for every on-the-go-essential and they’re a breeze to launder. The top-notch leather construction ...

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