The Pressure of Expressing Thanks


Since before the arrival of Miss Juniper, we’ve had so many friends, family members and neighbors lend a helping hand for our little family. It’s been a real blessing to have such great support. A ...

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    1. You should give yourself a break, momma of three! Design a thank you card, and then calligraphy their names on the flip side- that’s what I would do. That way you get the bulk of work done, it’s still a creation entirely your own, and you’re not missing out on the uniqueness.

      Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. Can you believe it’s been a month?!

    2. Chloe says:

      I have a similar issue with store buying anything I could sew myself. It makes me feel like a lazy charlatan…I am currently reminding myself that I have two kids, work four days a week and (most importantly) by buying someone else’s handmade I am supporting them. It’s not necessarily working to ease my guilt, but I think having a relative newborn gives you a pass on anything which isn’t child welfare related :)

    Sewing: Juniper’s Lawn Gnome Outfit


    I’ve been dying to make a cute little outfit for Miss Juniper. I’ve had this French terry material for some time and I’ve wanted to make a few cute outfits for my girls. Harem pants ...

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    1. Bethany says:

      Seriously, I’m dying over how adorable this is! I still need to make something for my Maggie.

    2. Lauren says:

      Aww I love the angry garden gnome!

    3. Chris Esplin says:

      You can make me a matching hoodie. I will wear it proudly.

    Food: Chocolate Brigadeiro Cake


    As a belated birthday celebration for Chris, I made him a chocolate cake. But not just any chocolate cake. It’s filled with brigadeiro and raspberry preserves. It’s heaven on a dish. In fact, I barely ...

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    1. Lori B says:

      “rustic” frosting? “not perfect”? It looks quite fantastic to me…I’ve never frosted a cake to look that good. Why put so much pressure to be perfect when this looks *amazing*? Thanks for the recipe.

    2. hannah says:

      I would die for this cake. It looks pretty damn perfect!

      Also, I’ve got my first ever Etsy discount code on the go, have a gander!

    3. Amy says:

      This looks delicious! I am making it today for my niece for her birthday! And topping it with her name written out in confetti letters (idea from: FYI to those that will be making it in 9 inch pans…mine took closer to 25 min at 350 to be done.

    Random Calligraphy Thoughts


    It wasn’t untilĀ September 2009 that I discovered calligraphy was part of my personal history. I’ve always loved letters; finding out that my great-great grandfather was a sign painter in Ogden, Utah made me love them ...

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    1. Judy Cornell says:

      Your card is beautiful. Not only is it a wonderful piece of art, what a gift for your cousin.

      You are right there are all kinds of art, and commercial is no less an art form than any other.

    2. Kristin H says:

      Yes, yes, yes! That is exactly why I switched from painting to Art History in college. One too many “you need more detail to make it fine art” critiques turned me to studying art instead of creating it. I was so disheartened that I chickened out of trying for a spot in the graphic design program. What they don’t really tell you in college is that afterward, you can do whatever you want! A degree, with all the fundamentals under your belt, is a fantastic stepping stone into finding a niche for yourself. How awesome is it that you are following in your great great’s footsteps? You’re amazing!

    3. Lindsey D says:

      I love this post! I recently discovered that my great grandmother was an incredible seamstress. She sewed her own clothes, but she also sewed the clothes for most of the people in her home town by hand. When anyone died, she would sew them a beautiful outfit in which to be buried. At the time I read that story, I owned a sewing machine, but I had always been too intimidated by it to attempt sewing. The day I read that story, I pulled it out and decided I was going to give it a try. If she could sew all those clothes by hand, I could at least try to use my sewing machine. Since then I’ve realized that I love sewing, and I’m definitely not very good at it, but I hope some day I get to meet her and I can learn from her.

    Sponsored: Leather Folio Tutorial


    This tutorial is sponsored by Jo Totes. They have a wide selection of fashionable camera bags in both genuine and vegan leather. My favorite of all is the Siena bagĀ - an italian leather bag that ...

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