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Easy Ink Transfers Tutorial


I was on Studio 5 yesterday sharing a few printmaking tutorials for easy Halloween DIYing with friends or kids! See the segment here.

As featured in the segment, here’s another printmaking idea for you perfect for the upcoming spooky season, or really any time of year.


I love how these ink transfers are grainy, organic and grungy. The grunge is really fun for this season.

We used to make these kinds of prints all the time in college. I did basically an entire series with oil ink transfers. See my circle series circa 2005.

Grungy Ink Transfer Tutorial



  • ink (water soluble is best)
  • paper
  • pencil
  • brayer
  • acrylic printing plate

Note: you can use acrylic ink (the kinds that comes in tubes, not bottles) or oil paint for this technique!


Easy DIY Holiday Banner Tutorial


I whine and complain all the time about not having any holiday decorations. It’s all my fault for not having anything when the holiday seasons roll around. All my fault. I’m crafty, right? Why can’t I take a few minutes and make something?


A few weeks ago I organized all of my holiday gear in boxes (a first!) so now it’s time to invest in some fun decor to fill those boxes.

Today I’m sharing with you an updated tutorial from days of yore and a way to jazz it up for the holidays.

Styrofoam Prints DIY



  • pencil
  • styrofoam sheets (or plates with the edges cut off)
  • craft paint or block printing ink (water soluble is best)
  • acrylic plate
  • brayer
  • bone folder


Tutorial: Getting the Most Out of Your Watercolors


It’s been a while since I’ve busted out the paints. I love painting! Painting was my life before I had kids.


When talking to friends about my love for painting the conversation usually steers towards watercolor, “the most difficult paint medium”They’re not as difficult as you may think. If you’ve got the right tools, you’ll be surprised how forgiving the medium is.

Periodically, I’d like to chime in here and there with a few tips on painting with watercolor. Let’s start with the basic tools and how to get saturated tones.



All Kids Are Artists


Penelope’s really come into a creative grove since she got her new studio. What’s even more awesome/remarkable is how all of the neighbor kids congregate in the tiny hallway to create artwork with her.

We’ve got quite a few budding artists on our street, including a 6 year old girl whom I’m convinced could be a fantastic calligrapher.


So I’m going to start a series. A virtual gallery stroll, if you will.

These kids are really inspiring to me, especially how they just freely create without any rules.


Penelope drew this bee for her aunt B. Get it? Adorable. She’s always creating little pictures and sculptures.

On the first Wednesday of each month, I’m going to be posting her creative endeavors and maybe a couple from the neighbor kids as well. I would love to see you participate! Use the banner above and post your kid’s creative endeavors on your blog on the first Wednesday of each month. We’ll link up for a virtual gallery stroll. For this month, feel free to link up in the comments to any artwork your child has done. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to submit your child’s work to me before the first Wednesday (July 3) and I’ll publish it here. I hope you’ll participate with me! See below for submission requirements.

Artwork must be 100% done by your child 18 years and younger. Photo must be taken in natural light and image must be at least 550px wide.

Penelope the Artist


Penelope draws things and tells me to frame them or to make things inspired by them. I’m loving this phase in her life.


See the drawing above, the girl on the lower right? Penelope wants me to make me a dress with see-through sleeves and a button down front. Who is this girl? The next big designer.

And I need that dress in my closet.


She also made this rad creature. The ears all over her head are awesome.

And speaking of ears, we’re up to our ears in all of her awesome artwork. The dilemma we’re having is what to keep, how to keep it and how to clean out the extra art without hurting her feelings.

Right now we call her stash place (a flat storage drawer in my studio) her collection. We have her put her completed art projects in her collection and then we’ll typically sort it all out from there. A few pieces (like Penelope’s monster above) goes straight in a frame. Goodness I love this girl’s style.


I started teaching Penelope how to use my dip pen (top left). I love seeing her experiment with holding the pen different ways. It’s hard to see her scratch and pull the nib on the page, but she’s so willing to learn and I’m more than happy to teach her.

It’s a few days past her birthday, but I still plan on turning one of our utility closets into a special studio for her. I can’t wait to see that excitement on her face.

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